T-Shirt Designs

Graphic designs I have done for various teams and bachelorette weekend t-shirts.

Pregnancy Helpline Newsletters

The monthly Pregnancy Helpline Volunteer Newsletters had previously been plain text sent in an email with hard to distinguish headers….

Awake Website

Awake wanted a sleek, modern website to host their mission statement, information on how to get involved, and any updates as the project progresses…


Print-based graphic design projects that were sent out to advertise particular events.


Graphic design icons created to be used on web platforms and at different sizes.

Let’s Talk Link Text

Once you start reviewing websites for web accessibility for a living, you start noticing inaccessible problems left and right. As a visual user, some of these problems can only be confirmed by opening up dev tools and peaking at the HTML, such as alt text and aria-roles, while other accessibility problems are very clear to…

Crazy Little Thing Called Accessibility

Are you new to web accessibility? Did you agree to make your website accessible only to turn around and start Googling furiously? Well, have no fear! You’re not alone and there are tools to help you. Accessibility is a bit of a buzzword in the tech community and, like most buzzwords, people recognize its importance…