Awake Website


Awake is a community of Catholics in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee responding to the Catholic Church’s sex abuse crisis and working towards the healing and renewal of the Church in their Archdiocese.

As part of their public launch, they wanted a sleek, modern website to host their mission statement, information on how to get involved, and any updates as the project progresses.

Design Process

Style & Icon Design

In dealing with such a heavy and serious topic, their website needed to feel welcoming and safe.

For the color and typography of the website, we needed to find a balance that felt hopeful and positive, yet matched the serious nature of the subject matter.

In designing the header logo, I kept it simple with the same font as the headers and an increased letter-spacing:

Content Layout

The key content required for the homepage included:

  • Mission statement
  • Goals of the group, which included the following headers:
    • Listen
    • Learn
    • Lead
  • Clear next steps for users to get involved

After our initial conversation, I mocked up a quick prototype of how we could display this information:

Awake prototype

We found a template in WordPress that could emulate a similar layout and account for other features that were important. Additional pages such as “For Survivors” and “For Priests” were added as well.

Final Product

Awake Website - Screenshot
Awake Website - Animiation